Dorn Mission 

Since the late 1970s, DORN helped people around the globe to achieve better structural balance and manage back- and joint pain. The DORN Method and it's selfhelp approach is unique and easy to do and to learn.

The DORN Mission

The DORN Method and especially its Selfhelp possibilities should be known and freely available to everybody who wants to learn it.

This international Information Platform is trying to openly present the Dorn Method in all its details and therefore offer a free guideline for practitioners and users from all disciplines.

To present verifiable information in order to avoid or correct possible misconceptions about DORN.

To integrate DORN into conventional and complementary medicine for a better health benefit of mankind.

To create a good public impression about DORN as a valuable enrichment to a healthy and balanced life.

The bigger picture: To have DORN Centers in many countries where students can learn DORN for selfhelp or therapeutic purposes and if possible all this as Non for profit Organizations!

What we've achieved

  • Successfully helped countless people
    around the globe.
  • Taught thousands the DORN Method.
  • Created livelihood for many.
  • Making DORN a recognized approach
    to manage back- and joint pains.
  • Established a non-profit DORN association.
  • Making people less dependent on medicine.
  • Helping people to help themselves.
  • Making peoples life easier.
  • Created a free selfhelp webapp

Treat yourself like the most valuable treasure that you own.
Prevention is better than cure.
Start now!

— Thomas Zudrell, Health Coach, International DORN Instructor

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